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Hard Drive Replacement - Desktop & Laptop Repair



Boosting your drive's speed will also boost your computer's performance.

Just as hard drives increase in size when new models come out, drives have also become faster over time. The speed boost you receive from upgrading a hard drive won't be as noticeable as the amount of new storage space a new drive offers, but a faster drive will increase computer performance.

Software and large files should load faster.

Avoid the hassle of data loss by upgrading a hard disk before it dies.

Hard drives become less reliable as they grow older. Waiting for your current drive to fail before upgrading to a new one puts your data at risk. If the old drive fails, you could lose your files.


At Computer Network Center, we’re proud to offer fair pricing that matches or beats the big chain stores while offering services that go beyond your expectations..

When you come in, we’ll spend up to fifteen minutes with you at no additional cost, as long as we don’t have to get out the tools and open up your computer. Iif your problem is complicated and the computer is checked in for diagnostics, we will charge a diagnostic fee, but this fee is waived if a repair is done after diagnostics are completed.

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