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Laptop Screen Repair: Worth the fix?


Once you have a diagnosis and a quote, how do you decide if the repair is worth the money? Answering these questions will help:

What would a new laptop or notebook cost? If the repair cost is more than half the cost of a relatively comparable, brand-new laptop, your money is probably better spent on the new computer. This goes for both Apple and Windows based laptops.

How old is your laptop?

Spending money to repair a laptop five years old or older can be challenging to decide whether it is worth it or not. Anything under three years is generally worth repairing. Many laptop owners have to consider if a comparable laptop still exist on the market. See the next question for more on this subject.

Do you like your laptop?

In our experience we have found that many consumers cannot bear to let go of their laptop, even if the computer is dated, due to the fact that "they just don't make them like they used to". Several of our Sony Vaio and Apple customers continue to repair their older products as the manufacturer no longer support them. In many of these cases we recommend going forward with the repair and we also have access to parts no longer in circulation. It's your computer, you let us know if you want to keep your baby going!



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