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Making the Medical Field More Technologically Advanced


Making the Medical Field More Technologically Advanced

The 200-year old analog stethoscope has met the technology days of smart phones, and what’s more the FDA approves!
What does this mean for patients: It could be less time waiting for results, and less doctor visits to see a specialist.

Eko Devices, allow doctors to take digital recordings of patient heartbeats using Bluetooth technology.  The recordings are then wirelessly transmitted to Eko’s HIPPA-compliant smartphone app and web portal.  This device is not the first smart stethoscope in the medical field; however it is the first to connect to a smartphone and wirelessly transfer a heart recording.  Smartphones are an everyday use in our technologically-driven society, so now the options and perks have spread to the medical field in more ways than before.

Doctors and those with an interest in the medical field, stay tuned for more developments.

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