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No More Selfie Sticks Allowed


Summer time often means less time inside and more time outside.  Many think of summer vacations, and a lot of families take to the road for theme park enjoyment.  When making your summer plans, whether leaving town, or staying closer to home, here is something to consider: Disney now bans all selfie sticks in all of their theme parks.  Selfie sticks took to the rise of popular use a couple of years ago, giving users a better angle for pictures for videos. 

This concept was expanded to roller coaster rides, even though it was banned by the theme park.  Disney has now changed the policy which means selfie sticks will not be allowed past baggage check.  When you are packing your bags, be prepared to leave that selfie stick in your room when you go visit Mickey Mouse.  Disney is not the only theme park to implement this rule for safety purposes.  Riders are to have their arms and legs inside the ride at all times, but with the selfie stick it’s automatically broken, so Disney is implementing this new rule for the safety of all riders.


Theme parks are not the only place where selfie sticks are prohibited.  Some museums, music festivals, and sporting events also ban the selfie stick.  Check your venue rules before heading out.