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Tips for Microsoft 10


Windows 10 Tips and Useful Information


Now that Windows 10 has been available for almost a month, tips and useful information has surfaced to make using the most recent OS easier on users.

A trick to accessing Command Prompt, Control Panel, and Task Manager

Right-Click Windows icon/Start > All Apps > Windows System

Quickly access Event Viewer, System Information, Disk, and Computer Management Tools

Start > All Apps > Windows Administrative Tools

Have Different Wallpapers for Different Monitors in a Multiple Monitor Setup

Save the various wallpapers you want to use in the same folder.
Hold down Ctrl key and click different wallpapers you want to use (match # of wallpapers to # of monitors).
Once desired wallpapers are selected, right-click on one of the wallpapers – select Set as Desktop Background.
To switch the wallpaper on any specific monitor, right-click on desktop and select Next Desktop Background



With the new operating system out and in use by the masses, glitches and tricks will continue to be shared.  If you are having a particular issue or want to know if a trick to make life easier is available, check our blog, contact our office, or shoot us an email – we will be happy to help.