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Once you have a diagnosis and a quote, how do you decide if the repair is worth the money? Answering these questions will help:

What would a new laptop or notebook cost? If the repair cost is more than half the cost of a relatively comparable, brand-new laptop, your money is probably better spent on the new computer. This goes for both Apple and Windows based laptops.

How old is your laptop?

Spending money to repair a laptop five years old or older can be challenging to decide whether it is worth it or not. Anything under three years is generally worth repairing. Many laptop owners have to consider if a comparable laptop still exist on the market. See the next question for more on this subject.

Do you like your laptop?

In our experience we have found that many consumers cannot bear to let go of their laptop, even if the computer is dated, due to the fact that "they just don't make them like they used to". Several of our Sony Vaio and Apple customers continue to repair their older products as the manufacturer no longer support them. In many of these cases we recommend going forward with the repair and we also have access to parts no longer in circulation. It's your computer, you let us know if you want to keep your baby going!



If you have questions or need an estimate to replace a screen on your broken laptop, give us a call. Call Today : 281-715-6924



Boosting your drive's speed will also boost your computer's performance.

Just as hard drives increase in size when new models come out, drives have also become faster over time. The speed boost you receive from upgrading a hard drive won't be as noticeable as the amount of new storage space a new drive offers, but a faster drive will increase computer performance.

Software and large files should load faster.

Avoid the hassle of data loss by upgrading a hard disk before it dies.

Hard drives become less reliable as they grow older. Waiting for your current drive to fail before upgrading to a new one puts your data at risk. If the old drive fails, you could lose your files.


At Computer Network Center, we’re proud to offer fair pricing that matches or beats the big chain stores while offering services that go beyond your expectations..

When you come in, we’ll spend up to fifteen minutes with you at no additional cost, as long as we don’t have to get out the tools and open up your computer. Iif your problem is complicated and the computer is checked in for diagnostics, we will charge a diagnostic fee, but this fee is waived if a repair is done after diagnostics are completed.

Contact Us Today For your Hard Drive Replacement or Hard Drive Upgrade. 281-715-6924


Making the Medical Field More Technologically Advanced

The 200-year old analog stethoscope has met the technology days of smart phones, and what’s more the FDA approves!
What does this mean for patients: It could be less time waiting for results, and less doctor visits to see a specialist.

Eko Devices, allow doctors to take digital recordings of patient heartbeats using Bluetooth technology.  The recordings are then wirelessly transmitted to Eko’s HIPPA-compliant smartphone app and web portal.  This device is not the first smart stethoscope in the medical field; however it is the first to connect to a smartphone and wirelessly transfer a heart recording.  Smartphones are an everyday use in our technologically-driven society, so now the options and perks have spread to the medical field in more ways than before.

Doctors and those with an interest in the medical field, stay tuned for more developments.

Check out the link below for more information.





Windows 10 Tips and Useful Information


Now that Windows 10 has been available for almost a month, tips and useful information has surfaced to make using the most recent OS easier on users.

A trick to accessing Command Prompt, Control Panel, and Task Manager

Right-Click Windows icon/Start > All Apps > Windows System

Quickly access Event Viewer, System Information, Disk, and Computer Management Tools

Start > All Apps > Windows Administrative Tools

Have Different Wallpapers for Different Monitors in a Multiple Monitor Setup

Save the various wallpapers you want to use in the same folder.
Hold down Ctrl key and click different wallpapers you want to use (match # of wallpapers to # of monitors).
Once desired wallpapers are selected, right-click on one of the wallpapers – select Set as Desktop Background.
To switch the wallpaper on any specific monitor, right-click on desktop and select Next Desktop Background



With the new operating system out and in use by the masses, glitches and tricks will continue to be shared.  If you are having a particular issue or want to know if a trick to make life easier is available, check our blog, contact our office, or shoot us an email – we will be happy to help.


We are a web marketing agency focused on creative and positive solutions for companies that want to take their online strategy to the next level. 

Our website design, strategy, and conversion strengthening services are aimed on increasing the chances that a visitor who visits your website will take the action you planned on for your business strategy. We are an all in one stop web online marketing agency, which means we will land your target audience on your website and take them to your vision for profit driven results.

Using emerging technologies and innovative techniques we build unique and state of the art websites and mobile apps that produce spectacular results. With a staff of designer and online geniuses we work to provide cutting-edge, interactive  and engaging solutions that stand out from your competitions.


    Responsive Website Development
    Mobile Development
    E commerce Website Design
    Content Management System

As a side note, we have software and superior hardware skills to backup our online developments.

Lethal combo? I think so.... Give us a try we, we won't disappoint.


Have a new business you want to advertise for?  Ready for customers to come to your store and website?  We can help you with all of that.  At Computer Network Center, our experienced web design and development team our experts in the field, staying at the forefront of new code developments to ensure our customers the most user-friendly websites that their potential customers will love to use over and over again.


Call us today for any web design or development questions you may have.  Call us to schedule a free pre-sales appointment with our web design team.  We will go over your website, your vision, and your competitors. We will discuss our process and benefits with you at your one-on-one appointment.


At Computer Network Center we go a step further by offering you all pieces of the pie for your company.  We can help you with Hosting and Email Services to ensure your company is squared away and ready to have sales skyrocket. 



See our Website Design & Development Brochure below.



Take advantage of the free upgrade from genuine Windows 7 & Windows 8.1 to the new and improved Windows 10.

With Windows 10 interacting with your computer, laptop, tablet, and phone is more natural like when you interact with people -using voice, pen, gestures, and even gaze for the right interaction, in the right way, at the right time.

Office Mobile apps are now available with Windows 10 – Business on the go is now an even more productive reality.

With the new school year right around the corner, if you are In need of a new computer Lenovo, HP, Dell, and Acer have the devices pre-loaded with Windows 10 available today.

The top reasons Windows 10 is the upgrade to make:

1.       Refreshed User Interface
2.       Return of the Start Menu (A blend from Windows 7 and earlier with Live Tiles of Windows 7 and Windows Phone)
3.       Cortana – A built-in virtual personal assistant
4.       New mail, calendar, photos, maps apps
5.       Continuum – lets devices that can be both tablets and pcs seamlessly switch between the two modes.
6.       Edge Browser – The Internet Explorer browser is finally being laid to rest by Windows. Edge browser is the first new browser in 20 years! A better web browsing experience has arrived.
7.       Action Center – organizing notifications by app and provide quick access to commonly used settings.  Total customization.
8.       Xbox Streaming to PC – Stream your games from your console to your laptop.  A new feature, so kinks to be worked out, but it appears to work well over Wi-Fi. Bonus on top of this major bonus is that it allows you to record your gaming session up to 2 hours right to your laptop drive.
o   Bringing friends, games, and accomplishments together across Xbox One and Windows 10 devices.
9.       Hello – Better lock screen! The Hello feature lets you log in without ever typing a password.  It’s like image recognition login systems using special cameras and infrared hardware.
10.   Wi-Fi Sense – Connects your devices to trusted Wi-Fi hotspots.  Social gatherings have become more convenient. A bonus – it doesn’t actually share your password so your network security isn’t compromised.


The notable downfalls so far with Windows 10:

·         The high resolution images still look pixilated and mis-sized icons on the laptop.  A combination of Windows 10 software but predominately on the app maker who has yet to update their systems to match Windows. May need to do some tweaking to find the ratio that works best for each individual user.

·         Many of the new features are lost on those who don’t care about touch.  Automatic, forced updates could spell trouble later on.  Cortana’s features are better suited for smartphones.

How to get your FREE Upgrade:

  • ·         Reserve.  Use the Get Windows 10 app to reserve your free upgrade.  You will be notified when it’s ready for you.  You can also cancel at any time.

o   Click small Windows icon at the right end of the taskbar

o   Click “Reserve your free upgrade” in the app window

o   Enter your email if you want confirmation of this reservation

  • ·         A notification will alert you on your taskbar when your upgrade is ready to be installed, so keep an eye out for that.


*This upgrade is for PCs and tablets; the free Windows 10 Mobile upgrade will be available for most phones starting later this year


Interesting fact, Windows 10 was built with feedback from five million Windows Insiders. So no matter your use and need for computers, the creation of Windows 10 is sure to encompass, solve, and answer all your computer needs.  With so many insiders doing months of testing and giving insight, this OS is bound to be the OS that more fitting to the masses.

Overall, Windows 10 is flexible, adaptable, and customizable.  Whether you decide to upgrade with the launch today, or wait until the kinks have been worked out, Windows 10 is the way to go.  It’s free, it makes life easier and more productive, and it’s user-friendly.



Don’t worry, if you have reservations about changing over, after the nightmare of the Windows 8.1 upgrade, you aren’t alone.  ComputerNC is here for you to answer your questions, squash your worries, and to help you navigate the new OS.  Call, E-Mail, stop by, or leave a message to the blog & we will be happy to help you.


Beware of the advertisements you see on websites, even the reputable ones.  Spammers are now infecting advertisements and pdf files.  Whether on your home computer, at work on the network, or surfing from a hot spot while out and about; the malware-packed ads can be on any website.

Malwarebytes team shares that infected ads rotate with the normal ads, so what looks safe to use, turns out to be a gateway to infecting your computer.  Some ads are even launched from invisible frames—you think you are clicking “Play” on tutorial or music video, but you are activating a search engine redirector: Malware Spam

Malwarebytes is an active protection, so the team constantly stays abreast to new ways malware, spam, and viruses are being created to infect the masses.  Be sure your computer protection is up-to-date and active.  If you are using antiquated protection, it’s likely your computer isn’t actually protected right now.

Malwarebytes Anti - Malware Software is an excellent protection to have in today’s world of technology.  The Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium has the following perks:

·         Real-Time Malware Detection and Removal

o   Three powerful technologies proactively protect you against malware that antivirus products don’t detect

·         Anti-Phishing and Identity Theft Protection

o   Malicious website blocking saves you from websites that steal your credit card information or identity or that install malware

·         Light on Your Computer

o   Fast scanning.  Minimal CPU usage. You won’t even notice it’s there.

·         Malwarebytes Chameleon

o   Proprietary technology protects Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium against malware’s attempts to disable it

What is exactly that the software does?

·         Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium detects and removes:

o   Worms 

o   Trojans


o   Rootkits

o   Rogues

o   Dialers

o   Spyware

o   Viruses

o   Bots

o   And Other Malware

If you have questions, concerns, or want assistance, contact us today; one of our ComputerNC technicians will be happy to assist you.





Summer time often means less time inside and more time outside.  Many think of summer vacations, and a lot of families take to the road for theme park enjoyment.  When making your summer plans, whether leaving town, or staying closer to home, here is something to consider: Disney now bans all selfie sticks in all of their theme parks.  Selfie sticks took to the rise of popular use a couple of years ago, giving users a better angle for pictures for videos. 

This concept was expanded to roller coaster rides, even though it was banned by the theme park.  Disney has now changed the policy which means selfie sticks will not be allowed past baggage check.  When you are packing your bags, be prepared to leave that selfie stick in your room when you go visit Mickey Mouse.  Disney is not the only theme park to implement this rule for safety purposes.  Riders are to have their arms and legs inside the ride at all times, but with the selfie stick it’s automatically broken, so Disney is implementing this new rule for the safety of all riders.


Theme parks are not the only place where selfie sticks are prohibited.  Some museums, music festivals, and sporting events also ban the selfie stick.  Check your venue rules before heading out.


ComputerNC is more than just a retail shop.  We are part of the community, and as such we want to help every customer who visits our store.  Whether you have questions about computer parts, which computer is the best fit for you, how to find the best operating system, up to how to improve your website, online appeal, and how your business networking goes, our experienced technicians and designers are here to help.

We aren’t trying to sell you items, we are trying to help you find the best fit for your needs and what you want.  That is what we are here for, we are here to help you. So stop in today, call, or email us your questions and we will put our best foot forward and be happy to show you how to dance through the techie jargon and find the right part, webpage, and more for you and/or your business.

Our Services include:

Computer Repair

  • Laptop Screen Repair
  • Virus Removal
  • Slow System Clean-Up
  • Wired/Wireless Networks
  • Servers
  • And More






Web Design

  • Modern Designs
  • Redesign & Updates
  • Mobile Sites & Apps
  • Hosting Services
  • Google Search Optimizing
  • Graphic Design







·         Networking

  • Home & Office
  • Device Support
  • New Computers
  • Email Systems




We offer remote, onsite, and drop-off in store services.


At Computer Network Center, repair diagnostics are always free; website consultations, too!  We offer free consultations because we want to find the best fit for you, work with you, and we pride ourselves on the value of our work, and that starts with taking care of you, the customer.


Need your computer fixed?  We are the computer repair store for you!  We fix all laptops and computers, every make, every model.  Our certified technicians are quick, efficient, and handle your property with the utmost care, as if it was their own.  

Computer Network Center is here to help, so whether you have questions, need help with hardware or software, or just want us to take care of your computer, we are ready to help you.

Computer Network Center goes beyond computer repair, we do almost everything in the techie world,   from repair to web design and networking.  Our web development team is proficient, creative, and we focus on getting your website just how you envisioned to bring you more business.  Our networking technicians provide professional and easy-to-follow support for all your business needs.

For the entire month of June 2015, mention the postcard in this blog and receive 10% OFF on your first in-store service or purchase




Stop in today for all of your computer needs!!


Something to look forward to…for everyone who doesn’t like Windows 8; which seems to be everyone, Windows 10 is available starting next month, July 29, 2015.

Microsoft is offering free upgrades to the new version for users with active Windows 7 and 8 versions.

The time has come to end frustration of Microsoft.  Can’t say you are crazy to hold your breath here, since Windows 8 was supposed to solve more problems than it caused.  Reviews thus far seem to say the new update takes the strengths and user preferences of both Windows 7 and Windows 8 and makes it that much better and easier to use.

Something new will be a new browser, deemed the Microsoft Edge, giving you an edge on active sharing with others.  You will be able to write or type notes directly on webpages and share them with others.

In the fast-paced world we love to live in, where there seems to not be enough time in the day to get things done, Microsoft aims to help make life more simple with having the ability to snap up to four applications in place and see all open tasks at the same time.  Offering the opportunity to stay on top of a variety of projects, tasks, and reminders, all in a single view.

It seems like Windows has taken all of the negative feedback from Windows 8, and the feedback of things improved, combined with Windows 7 and is ready to give consumers not only what they want, but what they need. 





We all go through our documents and photos deleting those we think we no longer need.  Sometimes we find ourselves searching through the virtual trashcan hoping we haven’t emptied it because now we need that document or miss that photo.  There is a way to recover those discarded pictures on your Mac, even though the all-too familiar trash folder has been removed.

In order to find your deleted pictures on the Mac, select File > Show Recently Deleted.

There you will find all the recently deleted pictures, and also the number of days before it is permanently deleted.


To recover, highlight the selection and select Recover button in the upper-right corner.  This will allow them to be added back to your photo library with their original date.

Just remember, this safe guard option for changing your mind is only good for so long, there is a timer for it to be removed where it cannot be recovered.  This is also true for iCloud "trash," it's permanently deleted after 30 days, so watch your calendars if you are going back-and-forth on keeping or deleting.  


It seems a fairly accurate thing to say, that a large portion of society is linked in to technology.  Whether on a computer, laptop, tablet, or phone, we can regularly be found using technology to use technology.  Technology is infiltrated almost all aspects of our everyday activity.  Through repetition we can become complacent.

Many people are repeatedly visiting websites of interests, whether professional or personal.  When comfortable, it’s easier to take the familiar route and over time, let our guard down.  Here are four habits to end today when it comes to technology, according to Akhtar (January 15, 2015):

  1. Using same passwords for multiple sites
  2. Not backing up your photos
  3.  Not minding your Facebook settings
  4.  Running Flash all the time on your laptop




Using same password for multiple sites. Preferring convenience of repetitive passwords is problematic and unsafe.  If you site is hacked, you’ve now opened yourself up for more damage.  Our browser history easily shows where we’ve been, and with using the same passwords for multiple sites, the first thing to try is the one just hacked; now the domino effect hits.   Change passwords regularly.  Have multiple passwords, keep track of them, or use a password manager.  Password manager is a great tool for retaining a lot of username/passwords for multiple sites; it solves problem number one!  Password managers take the struggle and inconvenience of multiple passwords away; however don’t forget the master password to the manager, or it all becomes inaccessible.  Not allowing the master password to be recalled is a very important security measure when collecting information all in one location, like LastPass password manager.

Not backing up your photos. As photos are a way of capturing a moment in time, sparking the memory for years to come, they are valuable and hardly replaceable.  Backup your photos on a regular basis, minimizing the risk of loss.  There are several options for backup, photo apps on Android, Google+, Dropbox, and Amazon Cloud Drive (Akhtar, 2015).  It’s possible to also back photos up to flash drives and external hard drives; however just like a computer, these can have hardware issues with continuous use.

Not minding your Facebook settings. Mind your settings on Facebook; they regularly do updates to improve the site, but this can impact your settings.  It’s important to periodically check each setting, this ensures your only sharing the information you want.  The internet is a sea of information, it’s important to protect your private information to the best of your ability with the options available.

Running Flash all the time on your laptop. Save your battery life and your PC by not constantly running flash on all websites.  Use Flash when needed and not running automatically.  According to Akhtar (2015), “Sometimes Flash can cause your computers’ fans to spin up to try to cool your PC.” 


By changing these habits today, your use of technology is more secure, both now and in the future for saved data (pictures).  Be aware of your technological habits and your website settings.  Take care of your computer and your personal information.





Akhtar, I. (January 1, 2015). Top 4 tech habits you need to break right now. CNET. Retrieved from 


Dropbox is great for individual use and for business activities.  From photos to important client work, Dropbox is your one-stop-for-all tool to use.  It’s safe and secure, no matter your device, location, or situation, everything is saved automatically to dropbox,;so if you lose your device, your saved material is still safe and accessible.

According to Dropbox (n.d.), “Dropbox secures your files with 256-bit AES encryption and two-step verification.”  You control who sees the files, so it’s great for company-wide use.  Convenience, security, and usefulness, what more could we ask for? It actually gets better.

Now Dropbox easily allows for file-sharing.  Dropbox is now improved for better use, and easier accessibility.  There was a recent update that allows you to upload files from anywhere using iOS8’s share extension (Cipriani, J., February 19, 2015).  Check the link below for directions on how to enable to the share extension, and expand the efficiency of project completion and individual option to share will others, today.



Cipriani, J. (February 19, 2015). How to save a file to Dropbox from anywhere in iOS. Retrieved from


Dropbox (n.d.) Learn about Dropbox.  Retrieved from


If you have noticed that you are getting more virus hits than regular, you are not alone in this revelation.  It seems there has been a serious spike in malicious software infecting computers.  In the last three months, we have predominately had virus removal as our number one requested service.  According to Rosenblatt (2015, January 9), “More malicious software has been created in past two years than the previous ten years combined.”

It’s mind-boggling that so many hackers have been on the hunt for infecting PCs everywhere.  Antivirus software has been protecting computers for years based on the “code” of malicious software (Rosenblatt, 2015).  Now hackers have weaseled around that by buying code and then changing parts of it; this creates a whole new code that’s now invisible to antivirus programs.


Fear not, antivirus software companies are keeping their heads above water in this battle against hackers.  It’s a fight but a fight worth having.  It’s important to still install antivirus programs such as Malwarebytes or Kaspersky, and include other security tools to protect your information.  Once you have the software installed, you have to remember to keep the software up-to-date.  If you are on a trial basis, remember to buy the software and install it fully, before the trial period ends.  Viruses are created on such a fast-paced regular basis that it’s important to keep tabs on new software upgrades; upgrades are meant to keep your computers safe, so they are worth researching, staying informed, and keeping that PC protected.


For more information, see the source cited below.


Rosenblatt, S. (2015, January 9). Today’s computers face more attacks than ever. CNET. Retrieved January 21, 2015 from


The deal that Sony experienced the other day brings to the forefront that whether a major business, a small family-owned business, or your personal computer, security measures need to be well thought out and hard to break.  CNBC (2014, Dec 4) stated, “Common practices are 9 out of 10 username and password combinations are weak and easy to guess.”  If it’s created for convenience and ease to remember, then it’s likely easy to be cracked; which defeats the purpose.


There are several options at password difficulty; you can have one created for you, like what the LastPass program offers, as well as remembering all passwords, thus taking out the need for ease to recall.  Many password creations now measure level of difficulty when you are trying to create or update; use that to your advantage, don’t ignore the all red light up of an easy password; it’s trying to save you from the consequence of poor choice.  CNBC (2014, Dec 4) said the worst passwords of 2013 were, “abc123, 123456789, 111111, and 1234567.” The more vital the information, such as payroll, would need to have the most difficult password; however that’s not to say your personal e-mail should not.  It is up to the individual user, the company management, and the security divisions to ensure the proper level of protection.  I would dare to say all information, should be strongly protected with strong passwords.

You can watch the CNBC video on the Sony experience by clicking the link below.  Remember, password difficulty is not something to dismiss, information is valuable, whether it’s your identity, payroll, office e-mail, browser cookie access to all the websites you regularly visit, etc., protect it.


CNBC (2014, Dec 4). Eye opening hack attacks.  Retrieved 5 Dec 2014 from



Hey there:


 I wanted to bring to your attention a new virus that is affecting many businesses in the last week. This virus is called the crypto virus, it will encrypt all the files on your computer, and hold them ransom costing thousands of dollars to unlock.  It is unstoppable by all anti-virus at the moment and is very destructive. With that horrible news out of the way, don't worry we have a way to protect against most of the versions of this nasty virus.

 Below is a fix to protect against most versions of the virus at the moment. I suggest that everyone that is using Windows at the moment follow the steps below to apply a quick fix to block this before all of your files are lost.  This is a safe fix and will block the virus from installing on your computer.  Follow the directions in the order they are listed below:




Please download this link:


To Install:

 First, run the File

·         1st prompt choose No

·         2nd prompt choose No

·         Next Prompt choose OK

·         Apply Default Settings

·         Choose Yes to Whitelist

Restart computer when asked to do so.

If and when we find out more information regarding the crypto virus, we will be sure to share with the masses, so that as many people as possible can fight against this virus, and protect personal files.  Be sure to share this post with friends and family alike, the crypto virus is damaging to professional companies and personal computers.





Online store development is becoming a challenging job and it is highly recommended it be done by experts, ones who know what will look good, how they will present it, what are the additional features that could be added to make something look even more attractive and all the while having the dexterity to provide solutions to such tough developments. The people hired for their expertise are ones who know coding thoroughly and will be able to deal with increasingly complex functions required to innovate upon existing design ideas to display the products and services online in the best possible way there is.

What should be kept in mind?

To build a dynamic website that provides you customer with an unforgettable experience, something that makes them come back to your website because they love your brand, the experience it provides and gives them satisfaction in terms of spending money on a product that is worth the value associated with it. Make sure the perceived value, which is built into the mind of the customer, is not inflated with the experience your website provides through visual communication about your business.

Why Computer NC the Online store Development services?

In order to get what it is that you need for the development of an online store, hire the experts of Online Store development in Houston. We will provide you with best possible solutions for the development of an online store for your products or services. Being an Authorize.Net certified developer we will be able to recommend to you the best shopping cart developers that are registered with them, the best web development services, the best mobile payment solutions and possible hosting partners. We do not just recommend one service by favouring it over another but give you exactly what you want by judging your needs. Computer NC developers have the expertise to recommend the best service that will be compatible with your needs. In addition, the Authorize.Net payment gateway solutions help you integrate secure payment options you wish to provide your customers with into your website design. The Online Payment Solution service helps you give flexible payment options to your consumer, making the online store more attractive to shop from, something that makes the customer happy.

The Online Store development service offered by Computer NC will help you get exactly what you are looking for in the process of an online store development with the right solutions to every problem that most of the ecommerce businesses face but find it difficult to overcome.