We all go through our documents and photos deleting those we think we no longer need.  Sometimes we find ourselves searching through the virtual trashcan hoping we haven’t emptied it because now we need that document or miss that photo.  There is a way to recover those discarded pictures on your Mac, even though the all-too familiar trash folder has been removed.

In order to find your deleted pictures on the Mac, select File > Show Recently Deleted.

There you will find all the recently deleted pictures, and also the number of days before it is permanently deleted.


To recover, highlight the selection and select Recover button in the upper-right corner.  This will allow them to be added back to your photo library with their original date.

Just remember, this safe guard option for changing your mind is only good for so long, there is a timer for it to be removed where it cannot be recovered.  This is also true for iCloud "trash," it's permanently deleted after 30 days, so watch your calendars if you are going back-and-forth on keeping or deleting.