Dropbox is great for individual use and for business activities.  From photos to important client work, Dropbox is your one-stop-for-all tool to use.  It’s safe and secure, no matter your device, location, or situation, everything is saved automatically to dropbox,;so if you lose your device, your saved material is still safe and accessible.

According to Dropbox (n.d.), “Dropbox secures your files with 256-bit AES encryption and two-step verification.”  You control who sees the files, so it’s great for company-wide use.  Convenience, security, and usefulness, what more could we ask for? It actually gets better.

Now Dropbox easily allows for file-sharing.  Dropbox is now improved for better use, and easier accessibility.  There was a recent update that allows you to upload files from anywhere using iOS8’s share extension (Cipriani, J., February 19, 2015).  Check the link below for directions on how to enable to the share extension, and expand the efficiency of project completion and individual option to share will others, today.



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