Mac, Macbook, iMac Repair

Mac, iMac, MacBook Repair The Woodlands, TX

Check Your Mac – Free Estimate ( Open case fee applies in some instances where the computer must be dissaembled for quote)

We’ll look at your Mac the moment you bring it in, and in many cases we can tell you the cost and time frame of repair within 24 hours. There is no diagnostic fee to look at your Mac, Macbook, or iMac! If you have an issue like liquid damage, you most likely will have to leave it as these issues are too complicated to provide an instant estimate on.

Common Issues:

  •     Liquid spill damage
  •     Keys or trackpad not working
  •     Not turning on
  •     Running slow
  •     Bad logic board
  •     Cracked screen
  •     Battery failure

All Other Issues

The above is the most commonly seen issues. Based on years of experience we will be able to fix your Mac regardless of the issue.

Memory Upgrades

Computer running slow? Our technicians will assess your computer’s capabilities and add the amount of RAM you will need to keep working quickly on your Mac.